16 Minute Scenes #2

Fireflies broke the early evening’s dying light. We had been playing in the woods near the tracks almost every day for several weeks. We had been making spears, building forts, and smoking cigarettes we had snuck from our parents.

The Abshire’s had a nice big lot across the street from where we played near the tracks. They had a nice barn several, several horses, and a large satellite dish.

Jerry had pitched his 1800’s era campaign tent in the back yard. It was a large, white canvas tent, supported with an actual sapling cut frame. He was getting ready for another reenactment scheduled for a few days later.

Our sleeping bags were rolled out, our gear was stowed, and it was time to begin evening operations. Operations were halted however for a short time due to interference on the battle field. Fireflies had begun to invade the battle space. Enemy search and destroy missions would have to wait.

The glowing neon lights had mesmerized our attentions. Where were they going? How long would they be there? Can we catch them? We could, and we did. Do they bleed? They do. A neon yellow smear that would make glowing tiger stripes on our arms and tongues.

Then as mysteriously as they appeared, they were gone. I took up my spear, with the diamond engraved grips I had made to look like Grace Jones spear in Conan the Barbarian, and we continued on with our campaign.  

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