Unconstitutional Mandates Race and My Response to A Friend

Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment

So a highschool friend of mine posted on Facebook about how he doesn’t understand why people are all on the fuhrer about taking away freedoms but they were silent on Colin Kaepernick and Black Lives Matter. I wanted to respond, but he’s one of those Facebook friends from high school that I really haven’t actually talked to in years. However, the dictator in chief’s speech the other night truly has me up on my feelings. As a leader of Soldiers myself and a student in the art of leadership I was completely shocked and disgusted at what I witnessed in that speech. And please don’t say, “What about Trump? Meh meh meh…” I wasn’t a fan of a lot of his divisive speeches and tactics either. However, his speeches were mostly political blow harding, something closer akin to a football team rivalry. No, Thursday night was something different. I truly felt talked down to like I was a lower life form for having concerns and distrust of the “experts,” for which I have good reason. That speech truly seemed closer to something the Germans heard early on under Hitler or the Italians under Mussolini. So, anyway, I decided a blog post would probably be the more appropriate response and a way to get my feelings out on the matter. So, if I were to respond to the post this is how I would have responded.

Colin Kaepernick

Bro come on! Now, I don’t usually jump in on political comments, but that speech from the dictator in chief really has me up on my feelings a bit. First in response to Colin Kaepernick, I can’t speak for everyone, but I can tell you as a Soldier and one who has dedicated his life to the the protection of the Constitution and willing to lay my life down for it 24/7, he is a hero for using his constitutional right to protest the disgusting injustices committed against black people in this country. Some people think its in bad taste, “because of the men and women who have died for the flag blah blah blah.” They are mostly ignorant civilians and ignorant brovets (dudes who spend four years complaining about how much they hate the military then get out and wrap themselves in the flag for the rest of their lives). No, real Soldiers, real warriors, those who have committed their lives to this profession know those men and women didn’t die for the flag, they didn’t die for a song. They died for the words written in the constitution. That is what we make our oath on. Colin absolutely honored those sacrifices by exercising his rights to call out and protest injustice. It actually pisses me off when ignorant people use the blood of Soldiers for their own grandstanding. “God bless troops”, “Thank you for your service,” all that crap is just lip service to make them feel better about themselves. We actually hate it and in our dark humor oftentimes mock people for it. 


Okay, BLM on the other hand I do take issue with. Again, I can’t speak for everyone, but I have to believe the majority of Americans agree that there are still disgusting injustices happening to black men and women in this country and that it is wrong and needs to be fixed. However, BLM the “organization” has some irreconcilable differences that can not be justified by a lot of Americans, despite their great, yet deceptive, slogan. They are an openly, and extremely, pro-socialist organization, (check their website). So, just because people don’t support BLM the “organization” doesn’t mean they don’t support black people. I for example completely support black people and eradicating injustice, but I also as a Soldier and one who believes in the rights and freedoms under the constitution can not bring myself to accept the cognitive dissonance it would require to support an organization that believes in an authoritarian form of government. The Constitution isn’t perfect, but thankfully iit does have the ability to be in a continual state of being perfected. The BLM “organization” just has too much baggage for a lot of people to accept. The fact that they are heavily backed and financed by rich white leftist, socialist (look at their bank ledger), bent on the destruction of the democratic representational form of government we currently have and the capitalist system we currently run on, in order to swoop in on the power grab is too hard a pill for many to swallow… even though they do have a great slogan. Again, it’s another example of rich white “A” holes secretly using black people for their own gains. An overthrow of the government by these people will not improve the current plight of black people. It will only make things worse. Ask any minority or oppressed group who has come out from under a socialist authoritarian regime.

He’s Still a Racist

Another point I might bring up about the fuere’s speech that I think you missed is that it was completely racist. He is still the same racist he was in the 70s when he was against the school busing program… well that was after he was for it, to get elected. Then he was against it because he didn’t want his, “kids growing up in a jungle, the jungle being a racial jungle….” He’s also the same racist he was in the 80s when he championed the Comprehensive Control Act and co-wrote the Anti-Drug Abuse Act and said the 1989 National Drug Control Strategy wasn’t strong enough. These were all acts that disproportionately targeted black men and women. In the 90s he referred to black people as, “Predators on the streets,” and helped author the 94 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act, again which targeted black people. That’s just a few examples of racist legislation he has authored or supported. His speech the other night had the exact same tone. He railed for almost 20 minutes about how evil, insolent, selfish and stupid the unvaccinated are. Then he has the gall to say, “I’m aware that there is a disproportionately high number of people in the minority communities that are unvaccinated [sic]” and that they just need to ramp up education in those communities. Yeah, he basically just called minorities, particularly black people, a bunch of ignoramus dummies. Because god forbid they should be critical thinkers and have distrust about what they are being told. Yeah, all they need is those smart white doctors to come into their communities and educate them and then they’ll just get to goose stepping like they aught. No, the black community is way more woke on this subject than all those indignant self righteous “A” holes that keep saying we just need to, “get on board,” “do our part,” “it’s because of you we can’t get back to normal!” No, minorities, particularly black and native Americans, really don’t have any reason to trust the government.


They remember all of the broken promises. They remember the smallpox blankets. They remember the botched polio trials of the 50s that actually infected 100,000 people with polio. They remember the 1976 botched swine flu vaccine debacle. And black Americans definitely remember the Tuskegee Syphilis Study. No mine fuhrer, you condescending “A” hole they aren’t undereducated. They are very over-educated on the matter and don’t trust this tyrannical bull crap we are being fed.


Another point I would like to bring up, the elephant in the room that no one in the media wants to talk about really. Autism. As an autism parent myself, I know a lot of statistics about the matter, and I know a disproportionately high number of minority children, particularly black and hispanic males, are affected by autism. This is another huge reason people are untrusting to the vaccine, particularly minorities. If you aren’t part of the community then you may not understand or have heard, but we know. We all know. We know it was the vaccines that did this to our babies. You will be hard pressed to find autism parents that don’t agree. There are a few out there that claim they don’t know, but it is a cognitive dissonance for most of them to get over the pain. But we know, and for most of us this is the time we have been fearing for years. Because for at least 40 years, since suspensions started growing about the possibility of vaccines being the culprit, we have been lied to. We have been lied to by the CDC, the FDA, big pharma, and the media (fun fact every single major network has a big pharma executive on their board of directors). It has been deny deny deny. The only studies they quote or give credence to are studies that have been conducted by or financed by big pharma. Even though there is a large body of outside research that points the finger squarely at the vaccines. Seriously, if this is the route we are going with vaccine mandates, Americans need to start getting acquainted with the bureaucratic nightmare that is the VARES system. I think if people really understood what it was then they would realize how screwed they are if they have an actual severe adverse reaction to a vaccine. As any autism parent will tell you, it’s damn near impossible to get compensated unless every ‘i’ is dotted and every ‘t’ is crossed. 

Transverse Myelitis

I might mention yet another reason I personally am skeptical of the safety of the vaccine. My mother is still in a wheelchair from a case of transverse myelitis she contracted 14 years ago. The doctors of coure say, “I don’t know. I don’t know.” However, now in retrospect, knowing what I know about vaccines, I find it oddly coincidental that she became paralyzed by a virus that attacked her myelin sheath just days after having received a flu vaccine. There are also findings now of correlations between vaccines and transverse myelitis. Oh, but of course by the time we learned of this the statute of limitations for VARES compensation were up and she didn’t have the documentation necessary for proof anyway. 

Sickle Cell

One last thing I want to say as a friend, an old friend, but still a friend. I’m just going to assume by your comment you probably got the vaccine. That is fine. That is your right. I don’t judge or demonize what people’s personal beliefs are on receiving the vaccine. However, I will implore you as a friend please please have your blood checked periodically. Two of my Soldiers, not Soldiers from some other unit that I heard about, I mean “my guys,” opted to receive the J&J while we were on rotation in Europe. When we recently returned and went through the medical demobilization process they were informed that they now have Sickle Cell. Neither of them know anything about whether either of their parents have the disorder. I suggested they tell their parents to get tested if they don’t already know. I just find it hard to believe that they wouldn’t already know if their parents had the disorder by now. One is 25 and the other is 35. I’m fairly certain parents of their age would have had blood tests by now and would let their kids know if they have it or not. That’s surely something they would want to share with their kids, since it is only transferred from parent to child. I’m not a doctor, but it is a bit odd that two Soldiers, both black, suddenly at the same time show signs of having a disorder that is characterized by blood clotting. And it’s also kind of odd that one of the side effects they are seeing with the vaccines is blood clotting in young black men. Weird. I don’t know, maybe the sickle cell diagnosis is wrong or maybe neither of either of their parents likes to have blood work done. Either way it can’t hurt for you to just have some blood work done… we’re getting older now anyway and have to start watching those cholesterol numbers. Wink wink.

See You On the Other Side

Again, I’m sorry I went all political and blew my feelings all over your post. I think there is just a lot of mistrust of the government right now, and for good reason. However, I don’t think that we shouldn’t be talking to each other and explaining our feelings about the matter, rather than making rash judgements about each other. I think if we all understood each other’s fears, each other’s reasoning and each other’s points of view, we would be able to come together and work this thing out with better solutions. 

Take care and I hope to see you again someday on the other side of this mess.

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